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Visual Poetry: The Poetry Movement


A set of short films have been created for The Josephine Hart Foundation by The Poetry Movement. The aim is to recontextualise classic poetry for younger readers. The visual aesthetic used is similar to that of the gaming culture, making a link between modern technology and classic literature. Previous films have seen the likes of Harold Pinter reading Philip Larkin’s High Windows and Robert Montgomery read TS Eliot’s The Waste Land. The third of the films, directed by David Lobser, focuses on Death & Co by Sylvia Plath being read by actress Harriet Walter.

“The Poetry Movement is about placing classic poetry in the visual lexicon of the 21st Century, and hopefully challenging the way in which the poetic from is perceived by youth. It’s a fledgeling arm of The Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation. My intention in putting it together was to kick-start a contemporary conversation about poetry that witnesses an evolution in the way it is presented that is at the bleeding edge of visual culture.

For example, with regard to DavidLobser’s response to Death & Co by Plath, we have an ambition to render the film in Oculus Rift, placing the viewer at the centre of his dark and twisted vision. It’s my belief that the poetic form says more about the human condition than any other form of writing, and it should not be lost in the over-saturated content farm of information overload. It was important to me that the films were uncompromising and the response to them has been great. I think they represent something that is very key, which is basically about fostering a spirit of collaboration to create something unusual and greater than the sum of its parts – so the brief is very open, and the ensuing conversation around it forms the central axis of creation.” -

All three films will be premiered at the 23rd Raindance Film Festival.

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