Controversial Snapchat Exhibition: Lame or Genius? | Boraaa: Controversial Snapchat Exhibition: Lame or Genius?

Controversial Snapchat Exhibition: Lame or Genius?


Snapchat is a polarising social media platform, initially designed as a way to send images and videos that self-destruct after viewing. Originally it was used by drunk 15 year olds. Now, its gaining a more mainstream audience with people using it as part of everyday communication.

Taking advantage of this, Max J. Marshall and Paul Paper are premiering their new exhibition ‘This is it/Now’ on the platform. It will allow the users to view work for one day at a time before it disappears forever in the virtual ether. It will feature 6 photographers, one for each 24 hour period.

“Snapchat seemed like a great platform to explore some of the questions that interested us,” Marshall explains. “ One of the features uniting artists presented in the show is their exploration of the idea of manipulation with regards to the photographic image. Snapchat being a medium that offers a seemingly “immediate” experience, we were interested to investigate this clash between seemingly manipulated content and a straight channel offering an immediacy of experience.”

The limited editing functions on Snapchat means that the artists will have to find new and challenging ways of approaching the project. The images are manipulate physically outside of the app as to opposed within it.

The feedback from the exhibition has been extremely positive.

More info here.

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