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Well, it's been a while...


It has been far too long since I last logged into my blogger account, let alone post anything! But I am back, and determined to carry on posting things that I love. But this post is just allowing me to get back into the swing of things and give a quick short update on where my life is at this precise moment in time.

My life has been a little crazy the last few months. I am still living in Australia, mainly in Sydney. I'm working hard and partying very hard. I turned another year older, visited Melbourne and Ramsey Street, made many new friends and am adapting to the Aussie way of life pretty well.

Currently, I am living on a farm to meet my 2nd Working Holiday Visa's criteria. I even have a pet lamb! Ain't he cute!

This is now officially the longest time I have ever spent without visiting my family, words cannot explain how much I miss these crazy mofos!

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