I've finally arrived in Oz! | Boraaa: I've finally arrived in Oz!

I've finally arrived in Oz!


Yuppp... I'm actually in Australia now! I've been here since Wednesday because it took 2 days for me to fly over! This past week I've been settling into the Australian way of life and adjusting to the time difference and the heat! 

The full day that I was here, Fran and I travelled into the city, were we took touristy photos in front of the Sydney Opera House! It was a boiling hot day and I was suffering big time! Hopefully this heat is something that I will get used to.

Later that afternoon, we then travelled north to Bondi Beach. It was surprisingly nice, I don't normally like beached but this beach had white sand, and blue sea. It was nice and cool because of the sea breeze. I ended up getting massive tan lines and burnt despite the factor 50 suncream I applied multiple times! Damn you pale skin! 

The next day we stayed in and relaxed, resting my skin. But we babysat Fran's cousins and even played some karaoke! You can see all of this on our YouTube channel and in the video down below. 

How has your week been? 

much love,

Bora x

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