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Things I'm Loving...


1. Yoga in the mornings or before bed.
I love a good stretch in the morning, and there's no better way than to do it through yoga.

2. Frank
So I may have bought this film due to my obsession with Michael Fassbender, but I definitely didn't expect this to be a good film. It's quirky and funny, yet deals with a really sensitive subject. Fassbender's performance actually shines through, despite him wearing a helmet for the majority of the film.

3. Peaky Blinders
It's just this week finished on BBC, and I miss it already! I loved the first season and still loved the second, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy stole the show for me! It's even based on a real life gang in Birmingham in the 1900s. Try and catch up if you can!!!

4. Any Human Heart by William Boyd
I'm not quite finished yet, but I can safely say that this is one of my favourite books. It follows the diary accounts of a man who grew up in the twentieth century, and hung out with the likes of Hemingway and the Duke. Definitely recommend this book!

5. Goodbye Summer by Misun
Despite having a few quite sunny days here in the UK, the leaves have started to fall, rain has begun to pour and the nights are getting colder and darker. It's as if the weather has caught up with the Autumn season and summer is no longer here. This song is a reminder of that, especially as seen as it's titled 'Goodbye Summer.' I also love the nostalgic feeling to this song.

Don't you just miss summer?!

What things are you loving at the moment? I'd love to know what you guys recommend, let me know below! 

Bora x

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