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Why I love Autumn...


We are now well and truly into the month of October, meaning that it is officially Autumn. I've just realised that Autumn is my favourite time of year, for many reasons: 

1. The Leaves
I love the sound they make when you walk on them, and such pretty colours too!

2. Halloween
Any excuse to get dressed up and scare people. I also love carving the pumpkins! 

3. Hot Chocolate 
Warms you up before you go to bed... Like I need an excuse to drink hot chocolate!

4. Oversized Jumpers
I love wearing thick, knitted, oversized jumpers. Keeps you warm and is comfy.

5. Bonfires
I like it when everyone is huddled around a fire, mesmerised by it burning away - goes for fireworks too. 

6. Onesies
Spending your day in a onesie is the best! Now you don't have to feel guilty about them. 

7. Horror Films
Nothing better to watch a horror film, at night, in your onesie, curled up on the sofa hiding behind a blanket. 

8. Comfort Food
Watching horror movies is even better with a humongous bar of chocolate!

9. Reading
Laying in bed with a good book never did any harm to anyone.

10. Candles
Reading with a scented candle by your bed is so relaxing! 

What are you favourite things about Autumn? Let me know below! 

Bora x

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