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Top 5 Shoes for Autumn/Winter 2014


One of the best things about the colder, wetter days, means that I can wear my boots without getting any funny looks (yes, I wear boots all year round!) I tend to invest in a new pair at least once a year, because I wear them that much, and it's usually now that I buy them. I also have been looking at a pair of flats to wear when the weather isn't so damp, as I had to chuck my ones out :( So, I have been on a hunt for a pair for the last few weeks, and thought that I would share a few of my favourites.

  1. Forever 21 // £24.90
  2. Office // £65
  3. Dr. Martens // £120 - I remember when these cost £60! Feeling old - but mine have lasted me over 6 years, so well worth the investment I think. 
  4. New Look // £29.99
  5. Acne // £390 - These are my favourite style out of the lot, so I'm on the hunt for a dupe pair for a fraction of the price and not real suede. Going to keep on looking! 
What shoes are you lusting after this season?

Bora x 

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