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Wake Me Up, When September Ends...


Well, hasn't September been a busy month! 

Since I last posted, I worked at the AIM awards. It was such a great night, and it was thanks to my friend Laura that I was allowed to go. Such big names in the music industry were there so it was great for networking - I managed to meet loads of great people. Twin Atlantic and Daughter played beautiful sets. I've never seen Daughter live before, so was great seeing them finally in such an amazing setting. 

We stayed in a hotel for the night, and the next day we went home, for me to only go back to London again for a night out with Fran. We stayed in a hostel that was converted from an old court house, and the room we stayed in was originally a prison cell. We really liked the quirkiness of it, despite it being incredibly cramped. We started off in the bar in the hostel, where we met a guy from Sweden who was moving to England for six months and was looking for a more permanent place to stay. We then moved on to The Borderline in Soho. I've been to this venue before to see a band, but we still managed to get lost on the way - not good in high heels! Because it was Beyonce's birthday (4th Sept), the night was all in aid of Queen B - there was even a tribute act! Then we managed to strangely go to the Hippodrome, and still we're not quite sure why we went there! We didn't get home until about 5am and were definitely feeling it when we woke up! 

Fran and I then departed separate ways, as I was being picked up from Purley by my friend Mikey as we were working at our friend Kris's festival (MacMillan Fest) in Nottingham. MacMillan Fest is a heavy rock festival in Rescue Rooms, held every year in order to raise money for MacMillan. This year, I believe around £4000 was raised! It was a great day, and I got to see some mates who I haven't seen in a year, and even got to meet Bleed From Within (eekkkk). Then, everyone who was working it partied in Rock City afterwards! I do love Rock City! 


After staying at Laura's Friday and Saturday night, I was looking forward to my own bed on Sunday night, as I had hardly been there all week! But, then come Monday, I was off again, to High Wycombe where I went to Uni. I went back for my Graduation Ceremony of all things! My family came with me and I'm pretty sure they had a good time, meeting my friends and getting drunk! They even came to the SU after having cocktails and pints of beer and vodka! Crazy family! 

So that's what has been keeping me busy, and now, I plan on sleeping for the rest of the month! ha! 

What have you guys been up to, or will do this month? 

Bora x

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