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Fashion Week: The Trends


How can I not write about fashion week! I'm surprised it's taken me this long to be honest! 
It's taken a while because I wanted to research as many shows as possible, in order to discover the trends for next year. So... I've comprised a list of my just some of them. There were many more, but these are personally some of my favourite trends. 

1. The 70s

I'm ridiculously happy this trend is here! I've always loved the 70's fashion, especially the psychedelic prints, and they were everywhere during fashion week. Matthew Williamson's shows was jam-packed with 70's inspiration, with the likes of Balinese flower prints and halter-neck dresses. House of Holland also took inspiration from the 70's, printing psychedelic flowers on shirts, dress, skirts and infusing them with bright colours. It's perfect for next year's summer! 

2. Fake Fur

If you know me, then you know that I'm a lover of wearing faux fur, so it is obvious that I am a fan of the fashion label, Shrimps, and so were the spectators at Somerset House. This was the first year that Hannah Weiland had presented a collection at London Fashion Week. The collection showcased a variety of different colours and prints, some even resembling something that the Flintstones would wear. Normally when I wear faux fur, it's during the winter months and I typically wear darker colours. I feel that the colour choices in this collection, are summer colours, meaning that we feel comfortable wearing fur during the 'summer' months, yet still keeping warm as summer tends to still be cold in the UK! Yay! I can now wear faux fur all year round!!

Seems like I still can't break the habit of wearing black and white!!!

3. Pleats

Now, I'm not sure how I feel about pleats, I'm more of a baggy, non-tailored kinda girl, but it seems as if pleats were everywhere. Designers such as J.JS Lee, Barbara Casasola and Christopher Kane all showcased this style. Pleats for me, always give an old school feel to an outfit, and creates an air of sophistication to a person. 

So there we go, just a few of the trends from Fashion Week. 

What styles from LFW do you reckon you'll be rocking??

Bora x

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