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V fest 2014



Last weekend was the last festival of the year for me, V Festival. BOOO!! V is held in my home town so it was nice having the choice to camp or just do the day at the site and return to the comfort of my own home for the night. We did the latter. 

My friend, Fran, stayed over as well, which was really fun because we hadn't seen each other since Uni. We had also met a couple of girls in the line for the queue to the bar (where we got free drinks all of Sunday) who were from Cardiff... the next place on Fran and mine's list of places to go! 

I was dead set on going to V because I'm a big fan-girl of Justin Timberlake! *swoon* He was definitely one of my favourites of the weekend. His voice was so perfect, just like his recorded voice despite the amount that he danced. He definitely knows how to put on a good show. 

Blondie was definitely another highlight of the weekend, just because, y'know, Debbie Harry is still a babe! LOVE HER! But the act that stole the weekend, and I think Fran would agree, is Chic ft. Nile Rogers.  It was like a mad disco party, with songs from all eras and everyone loved it! No matter what age you are, I guarantee you would have known all the words to the songs. It was genuinely a good time. I highly recommend that if you guys get a chance to see them, then do!!! 

What are your favourite festival act of the year?

Bora x

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