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Music Monday #6


I thought I would try and do things slightly different this week. Instead of posting videos of the songs that I want to post, I'll do it in a Spotify list instead, then you guys can go about your business and still listen to the songs without having to keep pressing play or pause etc. So, grab your headphones or turn your speakers up loud because here we go...

1. Blondie // Hanging On The Telephone - Debbie Harry is the Queen of music in the 80s in my opinion. I absolutely love her. I was lucky enough to see Blondie last weekend and they did not disappoint. This song in particular stayed in my head well into the night. This cover, originally performed by little well known L.A based group, The Nerves, was the first Blondie single that cracked the UK Top 10. 
2. Ben Howard // I Forget Where We Were - Slightly shorter than his last track to be released ahead of the new album, I Forget Where We Were, has been floating round the internet now for quite a few months. Yet, these were all live versions that people had recorded at his shows, and now, finally, we have the studio version. This is the first official single from the album, as well as being the title track. It opens with hazy guitars that develops as the Cello plays its long lines. Ben's vocals still manage to pull you in, strip you of your inhibitions and leaving you feeling slightly vulnerable. Damn you Ben, you've done it again!! 
3. Alt-J // Left Hand Free - I was not a massive fan of the last Alt-J album, but this song...!!! It reminds me of something that The Black Keys might produce. The band have claimed that this is their 'jokey' song on the album as it has none of their personality in it. You can see that in the video that they know that this song will appeal to American truckers, but it appeals to me as well - a 21 year old female from England. So who knows what they will release next. 
4. Jamie T // 368 - Putting your iPod on shuffle sure does spring up some unforgotten tunes, like this for example. The song starts with sounds of like pots and pans from home, which is quite possible as seen as the album was recorded in a shed. It's a great example of his unique, heavily accented voice, which you can't work out if it's slurring, rapping or singing about drugs, women and fighting. I guess that's why we love Jamie T 

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