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Holiday Times...


I was lucky enough to go to Menorca last week with my family. It was such a nice holiday, and was very relaxing, which was what everyone needed. 

We ate many times around the harbour, and even found a place that done veggie burgers; so I wasn't being the annoying customer who would order a meal and make them change everything!

The views from anywhere on the island were always so pretty. It goes to show that mother nature knows what she's doing and at the same time can create something so unique and beautiful. Views such as this just leave you in awe. 

In the evenings, we often popped for a drink by the lighthouse. It was on the same estate as our villa and was actually quite quirky. They were lucky that it was hot because the only seating was outside and often got very windy. 

We also popped to another town, where they were celebrating their Saint. We had no idea what Saint they were celebrating, but we discovered that he was known for making the horse stand on its hind legs... in typical Spanish rider fashion. There was also a parade of people dressed in really creepy costumes, and randomly, Marge Simpson! 

On the last day, we climbed (drove) to the highest point on the island where there is a church where the monks live. Obviously, the views are beautiful. 

Then, due to the hot weather, we decided to have a 'late night swim.' Below are the attempts of us trying to get a half decent picture by using the timer. Safe to say we failed. 

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