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Holiday Outfit Post #1


I always find it really difficult to find holiday outfits that I feel comfortable enough in, especially in the heat. So, I'm currently in Menorca, and here's a little inspiration for any of you who are going on holiday, and are like me and struggle to find anything to wear.

In the picture above, I'm wearing a dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago from Miss Selfridges. I kept it quite simple accessories-wise because of the busy print. The dress itself is baggy and not tight fitting so is perfect for those hot evening dinners. 

We had just come back to the villa after dinner by the harbour so I know this from experience. 

After dinner we headed back to the villa and played some games including Ring if Fire. It was the first time my parents had played it, so it was really fun! And my mum even got the last king, meaning she had to drink the dirty pint! Luckily for her, me and my sister had only tipped a little bit of our drinks in the glass, so we went easy on her! Ha! 


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