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August Lust List 2014




1. Felt Fedora Hat // £20 - I think brown is the perfect colour to wear in autumn; it matches the changing colour of the leaves. This fedora is the perfect accessory to complement a long jacket and jeans. 

2. Heavily Embellished Ensemble // $36 - This outfit combined with a killer pair of black heels would be great for a night out on the town!

3. Tirema Floral Print Trousers // £19.99 - I love the print trouser trend, and it certainly looks like it's not going anywhere fast! This trousers add just that pop of colour when combined with a baggy black top tucked in, and a pair of pumps, which could either be black, white or even pink to match the trousers!!! 

4. Fringed Bag // £18 - A girl can never have too many bags! I don't know why, but the autumn always makes me want fringe. That's why this bag is perfect. It matches all those girly kimonos and toughens up any look.

5. Paisley Print Oversized Dress // £16.99 - I love these style of dresses, because they are just so god-damn comfy!!! I also love the paisley print trend, so this dress is a winner - especially when paired with some creepers.

What are you guys lusting over this month?

Bora x

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