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When in Rome...


So, as previously stated in my last blog post, the best present that I received on my 21st birthday last week, was a weekend away to Rome.

Rome is one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to, and the photos in this post that I took, do not do it any justice.

We arrived in Rome about midday on the Saturday, and were met at the airport by a driver in a posh car, who then drove us to our apartment near the Piazza Cavour. It was well worth getting a driver, because not only is it easier to get from the airport to wherever you are staying, he also showed us the sights as we were driving through the city. 

(Photo by Charley)

After we had settled into the apartment, chosen who was to sleep where, and managed to rustle some form of lunch together, we headed straight the door and towards the iconic Colosseum, where we enjoyed a rather nice ice cream. We had previously bought tickets online that allowed us to bundle together the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, as they are right next to each other. I had read online that it was better to start at the Roman Forum as then you don't have to walk back the way you came to go to the Colosseum - So that's what we attempted to do, but we had the wrong entrance, so we had to walk back anyways ha! 

The first sight there was the Arch of Septimius Severus, (insert quirky link to Snape) which was built to commemorate the victory of African-born Emporer, Septimius Severus in far off Mesopotamia. It's an impressive structure, with so much detailing, including the underside of the arch. It was definitely the most impressive structure in the Roman Forum. 

This was the view from the aforementioned Arch. This was the site where Rome ruled as it was the location of their Government. It is the location of where Julius Ceaser was killed, where the Vestal Virgins kept watch over the flames and Palatine Hill, where the wealthy lived. 

After here, we planned on returning to walk around the Colosseum, however, it was ridiculously hot, and we were tired after travelling, so we decided to head back to the metro and eat at a restaurant near our apartment. I can't remember what it was called, but the waiter was really friendly and made us feel welcome, and the bar was made into the shape of a boat! 

As seen as we didn't go the day before, we went back to the Colosseum, as the booked tickets were free to use for two days. (another perk of booking in advanced.) It also allowed us to skip a queue that would have taken us half a day at the very least. It is one of the most iconic monuments of Rome, and seeing it in person, there was no wonder why. It was truly magnificent. 

Mum, Charley and Me
(Photo by Charley)

So we grabbed our audio guides and went round the arena. It is the largest amphitheatre in the world and was originally used for public spectacle, in the form of gruesome battles between animals and men, and man on man combat, both until death. It is quite unbelievable that it housed of 50,000 spectators! 

We then headed back to the apartment to grab a quick lunch and refresh ourselves from the sweltering heat, and grabbed a taxi to the Pantheon. We had worked out that this was quicker and about the same price as going on the metro. When we arrived, we had a beer, and outside the Pantheon, a congregation of protesters emerged. They were protesting about the current events in Russia, Ukraine and all that was surrounding Putin. 

After we had finished our drinks, we headed inside the Pantheon where you are just in awe of the decor. The only lighting in the building comes from the sun, that shines through the oculus in the domed roof. It is also the place in which the famous artist, Raphael, rests. 

For the rest of the day we walked casually round the area. There were shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions, such as the Trevi Fountain, which was disappointing because it was under renovation and had no water :( but there were little pools of water for people to throw their coins into which we did, but that's top of our list when we go back! We also got talking to a guy who makes jewellery with names on it. My sister got a necklace and I got a bracelet as I already have a necklace that I wear all the time. 

We then went for dinner in a traditional Italian restaurant. It was quite weird because the outside seating was down a small, pebbled road, with no pavement, and cars driving literally a couple of inches away from your seat. But it seemed like that in most of the restaurants in Rome. 

(Photo by Charley)

Sadly, Monday was our last day. We were travelling back to England late that evening. So, we ended up spending the day in the Vatican - how can you not when you go to Rome! The queue to get into the museum was so unbelievably long!! Luckily, we bought the tickets online in advanced, so were able to skip the queue. If we didn't, we probably would've missed out flight!!! The Vatican was beautiful, and had lots of artefacts in the museum that I would not have thought would have been there, such as a mummy! The churches, of course, were decorated with the most amazing artwork. The photos do not do it justice.

Then, to our disappointment, we had to travel back to England. 

But I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to Rome. Truly one of the most amazing places I have every been. 

Thank you Muma K and Papa G!!! 

Bora x 

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