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Playlist: Music for Running


Okay, okay, I know... I've been a bit AWOL recently, and truth be told, I'm not quite sure where I've been. (Think I've just been a bit lazy...oops!) 

But I'm back, and with a new playlist. I thought I'd do a running/exercise one as seen as the weather seems to be cheering up a bit and it's nice to get outside and work off the calories from all this BBQ food! (Plus, I need to get back into exercising) 

And what better motivation than music! 

This playlist is what I would consider, songs that will keep me going. It's kinda like when you're in a club, and you think you can't keep dancing because your feet hurt, or your shattered, but you keep going because of the music. 

Check it out here:

What's on your playlist when you work out??

Bora x

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