Music Monday #5: High School Hits | Boraaa: Music Monday #5: High School Hits

Music Monday #5: High School Hits


This week I have rediscovered my iPod, which I've had since I was probably about 14! 
This post is dedicated to this iPod, and the tunes that have kept me company on my journeys to work, and remind me of times at secondary school, you know, back when iPods were all the rage! 

God, I feel old!

1. Hard Row - The Black Keys

By far, one of the best albums made by The Black Keys, and that's a bold statement as seen as I like pretty much all of their albums. Can you believe that this was recorded in Patrick Carney's (drummer) basement on a 1980s 8 track recorder?! Kudos guys, kudos. 

2. Fire - Kasabian

This song was released just after I had left secondary school and was literally everywhere! It was played at all the end of year parties as it's one of those songs that EVERYBODY loves. It's still good now to get a party going, I think. Even better live!!! 

3. Wish You Were Here - Incubus

In all honesty, anything by Incubus reminds me of school. To this day, they are one of my favourite bands. This is not the original version of the video that they had made, as the original was rejected by MTV after the 9/11 attacks as it contained scene of jumping from a bridge and families screaming and was therefore deemed inappropriate. Still, this video serves its purpose, and it's still a cracking song!!! 

4. Pierrot the Clown - Placebo

Placebo, are one of those bands again, that I listened to at school, and still, they are one of my favourite bands. It's crazy to think that this was released in 2006! This was one of my favourite songs on the album, despite it being the most depressing. It showcases some of Moloko's greatest lyrics... 

'Saw you crashing around the bay, never seen you act so shallow, or look so brown. Remember all the thing's you'd say, how your promises rang hollow, as you threw me into the ground.'

It's pretty safe to say, that I still listen to all of these songs, and they are still some of my favourite. Obviously, I haven't changed that much in 5 years!!! (Feeling old again) 

What was your music take like in school?

Bora x

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