Alexander McQueen A/W14 Campaign: Beautifully Eerie | Boraaa: Alexander McQueen A/W14 Campaign: Beautifully Eerie

Alexander McQueen A/W14 Campaign: Beautifully Eerie


Since the untimely death of designer, Alexander McQueen, I couldn't help but feel that the label had somewhat lost the dark, macabre visions that the designer originally had, and instead, now began to concentrate on creating predictable looks for the Duchess Of Cambridge (my personal opinion, no hate...Did like the wedding dress though) I am not the only one to have noticed this, check out this article that explains my thoughts exactly. 

So you can only imagine my excitement when I finally saw the first images of the A/W14 campaign yesterday!!! (EEEEEKKKKK) 

Edie Campbell returns to McQueen like a ravaged Queen. She appears to be strong, yet contemplative, donning a thousand-buckled boots, chain-mail gloves and looking as confident as any King as she sits slouched in a chair. Campbell is also hauntingly pictured with a horse, in a feathered ebony gown, which seamlessly blends into the chestnut steed. 

The campaign was shot by the notable photographer, Steven Klein, in what could as well be a derelict palace - note the shredded lampshades, dripping walls, charred panelling and the creepy mask in the second picture. All of this reminds me of renaissance artists such as Holbein, who used such techniques as talismans of death. 

This whole campaign is just beautifully eerie

What are your opinions of this campaign? 

Bora x

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