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21st Birthday Haul


(My family and I at the Chelmsford Beer Festival)

Yup, the above song was actually number one in the UK, the week of my 21st birthday! How weird?!

Now, this post is in no way me showing off about how spoilt I was (even though I was spoilt.) I just thought this post would be interesting to those who like to get some ideas of gifts to give, or just want a nosey :)

First of all, my Dad bought me this really cute tote bag. It's nice to hold my books in for when I go out and about to hold my folders. It's the perfect size. 

To feed my Spider-man obsession, my parents found this book, in TK Maxx, that goes through the Spider-man comics from conception, and also explores the characters that he interacts with. Is a must for any Marvel lover!!


My sister bought me this Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. Urban Decay are one of my favourite make-up brands, and the shades in this palette are perfect for the spring/summer season. I already have the original Naked palette which I use pretty much every day, but since my birthday and in this heat, Naked 3 has been my go to palette. The brushes are also amazing to use!

As a little jokey present, my Dad found this 21st Birthday Survival Kit. It features things such as a shooter shot, black coffee, lollipop and some love hearts. It's so cute!!!! 

I also got this beautiful white lace dress. Whilst its not typically my sort of thing, I had to put it on my wish list! It's always good to try new things out. The dress has a white underdress, which is slightly shorter than the lace so that there is a kind of hemming. You can see me wearing it in the next post!! 

I also got this t-shirt dress. I have worn it multiple times since getting it and it is so comfy!!! It's a little to short for me personally as it doesn't quite cover up my booty, so I have been pairing it with black tights and black cycling shorts. (Also really comfy) 

I also received this personalised shot glass. You can fit probably more than one shot in it, which makes it perfect and match my giant wine glass ;) 

My sister seems to be really good at giving presents, and this one is by far one of the best! It is a Vivienne Westwood necklace. Now, as I'm sure you know, I am a HUGE fan of Vivienne Westwood, but unfortunately, I have never been able to afford or justify paying the price for some of her products. So when I saw this, which I have been ogling for a while, I was nearly in tears! It is my go to, everyday necklace and I love it! 

Now, this was by far the best present in the world!!! I can't believe how my family kept this a secret from me! It's only a bloody weekend in ROME!!!! I'm a bit of an ancient history fan, so this was probably one of the best places I could ever go. I have, since my birthday, had this weekend away, so this will be a whole post on it's own! Look... they even turned it into a Mission Impossible scenario... How cute are my family!!! 

I was truly spoilt! 

I love my family and I thank them so much!!!! 

Bora x

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