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I Want To Live In A Music Festival Forever!


As you probably know, I love myself a good festival! They are the highlights of my year! 

There are certain performances at a festival that everyone seems to remember! One of the things I do when I'm relaxing is watch live performances of acts, some of them performing at festivals. Here are some of my favourite iconic performances from the past. 

Nirvana - Reading Festival (1992) 

It was August 30th 1992 that Nirvana gave one of their most iconic performances at Reading festival. It was not only their last performance in the UK, but was as Grohl once stated, 'one of their biggest achievements. The performance was during a time when journalists and press were attacking Kurt Cobain, naming him a useless drug addict and making claims such as his health was deteriorating. As a quip back, Cobain came on stage in a wheelchair, a blonde wig, and a hospital gown. This performance proved that they weren't just 'hype.' 

The Prodigy - V Festival (1997)


Look! This was in my hometown! (oh, the little things!) 
This was a time when The Prodigy were at their peak, and 'Fat of the Land' had just been released. This set, not only incredible for the music, but incredible because it had to be stopped for 15 minutes!!! 'Why?' you may ask? Because they had to stop the crowd from getting too squashed! Never have I ever experienced that before! Despite this, Liam Howlett has claimed that this is one of their best performances ever! 

The Stone Roses - Spike Island (1990)


The most unglamorous setting for a gig, on a reclaimed toxic waste site, but somehow it worked. In this video, Noel Gallagher is quoted that 'it was a shit gig,' but the atmosphere made it. This gig started a new movement in the 90's, and introduced England to 'Madchester,' and showed them who The Stone Roses are! 

Iggy and the Stooges - Glastonbury (2007)

Oh Iggy!!! This set at Glastonbury literally couldn't have gotten anymore chaotic. First the frontman pretends to have sex with a bass amp, then demands the crowd to take over the stage - one crowd member even had a sign that demanded that Wispa bars make a comeback! 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' was played twice, the second time with Iggy screaming 'Fuck Everybody' beforehand. 

Obviously, all hell broke loose when trying to get everybody off of the stage, resulting in even Ron Asheton (guitarist) walking off stage and Iggy demanding he comes back and 'Play your fucking guitar!' 

Jay-z - Glastonbury (2008)

Who would have thought?! A rapper at Glastonbury being one of the greatest performances ever! 
Well... it is Jay-z and he did sing 'Wonderwall.' It was completely a tongue in cheek moment when he entered the stage and began to sing (very out of tune) the Oasis classic, especially after all the hate he received from Noel Gallagher after his headline slot was announced. 

Good on him! 

The Rolling Stones - Altamont (1969)

This has got to be one of the most memorable performances ever!

With the venue only being decided two days before, not having basic amenities, and was free to all, it was clear that the festival day was to be a disaster. 

The Rolling Stones didn't get to play at Woodstock, so they decided to play their own festival. Yet, one of the worst decisions in music history was made - getting Hells Angels to act as security. This unfortunately resulted in a member of the audience getting killed. 

T-Rex - Glastonbury (1970)

So, I can't find a snippet of the performance on YouTube so this one will have to do. The stories about T-Rex at the first ever Glastonbury festival sound so good! They ended up headlining after The Kinks had pulled out last minute, and apparently tickets only cost a quid!!! Marc Bolan went to the site in a velvet covered Buick, and shouted at anyone who touched it! This performance solidified them into glam rock territory. 

Queen - Live Aid (1985)

Some argued that by the 80's Queen were past their prime. But they were proven wrong when Queen performed at Live Aid. As soon as people saw Freddie Mercury strut on stage, it was evident that the performance was going to be one of the best!

The Who - Woodstock (1969)

This set mainly consisted of songs from 'Tommy' (one of the most classic albums ever made!) But, most of the reports, focus on the ruckus of the crowd. A fan, a Vietnam protester, had ran onstage during 'Pinball Wizard,' and grabbed the microphone, only to be confronted by Pete Townsend who shouted 'Fuck off,' and smashed his guitar, knocking the protester off the side of the stage. 

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Monterey Pop Festival (1967)

This was one of the most pivotal moments in Jimi Hendrix's career. It was broadcast on television across the US and gave everyone a chance to see Hendrix playing behind his head, playing laying down, playing behind his back, and even setting his guitar on fire. 

Tupac - Coachella (2012)

The only one on this list that is in America, and is technically not a real person performing - but heck! It's pretty memorable! It's not the first time its been done (Gorillaz) but honestly, it must've looked so real to be there - especially when it was a duet with Snoop! 

This is just a list that I could think of off the top of my head, so there's probably plenty more. 

What performances do you consider to memorable? 

Bora x

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