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Met Ball 2014


The annual Met Ball - an event in which a girl like me can only dream about! The theme from this year was 'White Tie and Decorations,' meaning that a lot of flowing and pretty dresses were to be worn, a stark contrast to the punk theme from last year, and was all in honour of Charles James, the designer of the dress above and other elegant dresses from the 40's and 50s.

My expectations of the outfits to be worn was high, and some people did not let me down.

Blake Lively in Gucci
Blake's custom-made Gucci dress was the first that caught my eye. This dress just screams elegance. Nipped in at the waist line, the plunging neck line and cascading chiffon scarves, not only compliments her figure, but also creates a modern twist on an old classic dress. 

Emma Stone in Thakoon
Another of my favourites of the night! This outfit embraces the old hollywood glamour with a trail and the leg split, yet has a modern twist of the crop top. I'm not normally a fan of pink outfits, but these shades are refreshing and complimenting of Emma's skin tone. 

However, not all was dressed as beautifully as Emma and Blake. 

Katie Holmes in Marchesa
I can see where the designer is going with this look - you know, like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. For me personally, there are too many ruffles. If there was less material, it would mean less yellow, and would fit her properly. The neck line is just too much. I also don't understand the red beading detailing, it looks more like a blood stain. 

Lily Allen in Chanel
Oh, Chanel! How you have let me down. To be honest, it's not all that bad. If you get rid of thing on her head, gave it a lower and more shaped neckline, it wouldn't be too bad. Instead, it looks like someone has made this dress in about four minutes and didn't consider their model. It just need to be shaped more. However, on a more positive note, I like the combination of grey and pink. 

These are just two of my favourite and two of my least favourite of the night. There are, of course, plenty more that I could go on to talk about, but for me, these are the ones that stood out. 

What were your favourite/least favourite outfits from the night? 

Bora x

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