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Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats


So last night my friend Beckie and I went to see Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats headlining Koko. 

We were running late due to doctor appointments and writing our dissertations, so we missed the first support, but managed to catch Black Moth's set. We also managed to get ourself an awesome view, which is good for short arses like us :) 

The last time I saw Uncle Acid was at Download Festival last year, so it was a very different performance, considering last time they played in a tent, and this time they had proper set up and were headlining.

So many riffs, so many harmonies, so many good things! 

These guys definitely did not disappoint! 

After getting the train back home, we headed to the pub for my mate's leaving drinks.
So all in all, it was a good night 

Bora x

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