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A Blogger's First Time.


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Here we go...

This is my first blog post, ever! WOO!

So for the first post I'm going to do something completely unoriginal, but do something that I enjoy searching for on blogs... MUSIC MONDAY!

1. Kvelertak -Blodtørst 
The first video is from a Norwegian, metal six piece know as Kvelertak. I've only just discovered them, and they've quickly become one of my most played this week. AND, they are playing the Electric Ballroom in London on the 26th April. So if you get the chance, check them out!

2. The Neighbourhood - Honest
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love The Neighbourhood, and anything Spider-man related. So this kinda speaks for itself of why I came across it. But, putting my biased opinions aside, it is a great song, and Jesse Rutherford's voice is so so good! You can definitely see how they have changed since Sweater Weather.

3. Brand New - You Won't Know
Brand New are by far one of my favourite bands of all time! And since they have been in the UK recently, its only fitting that they have been played a lot! This song in particular, the last song to be played in their live set, has been stuck in my head for the past week! This song is everything you could possibly want from Brand New and more. 

What have you been listening to this week?

Bora x

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